" Completely self-taught, I am a lover of beautiful images, a perfectionist of framing. I like to make my films with a refined directional approach to photographic aesthetics. Natural light always takes an important place in all my films as does the use of high-end professional music. My films are always intended to be accessible to the general public and carry a positive message for all." Fabien Lemaire
Fabien Lemaire is a French film director / camera operator living in Paris ; and winner of the ‘Feature Film’ prize award at the Wildlife Conservation Film Festival in New York in 2017.

Fabien began his career as a fashion and portrait photographer in the 2000s, collaborating with communication agencies for advertising campaigns as well as French and international magazines. Capturing the gaze of many personalities from culture, ecology, fashion, and luxury he has developed personal work that he exhibits. From his experience as a photographer, Fabien has retained a taste for natural light, the art of framing, and a permanent quest for aesthetics.
In 2010, Fabien became a professional film director. His documentary films are distributed nationally and internationally. His environmental and wildlife film "Shuklaphanta, the other wild Nepal" won the ‘Feature Film’ prize at the Wildlife Conservation Film Festival in New York in 2017.
As a director / camera operator he likes to spotlight complex, never-before-filmed subjects, men and women of the shadows, in unrecognized or difficult to access. Alone or in a team, he always takes the time to approach his subjects with ethics and respect. His thoroughness and seriousness have allowed him to gain confidence in France with the Ministry of the Armed Forces, the Ministry of Justice, and the Ministry of the Interior, where security and confidentiality constraints are imposed. With the ability to work successfully in all terrains, often in extreme conditions, naturally, you can imagine that Fabien is at ease working/filming in the forest as he is in complex military environments.
Working in these sensitive environments has also made him become not only aware of questions of ecology but also of diversity and the fight against discrimination.
Fabien has recently directed a documentary on the cooks of the French army "Cuisiniers sous les drapeaux" ; “Mission Covid” a film on the Covid crisis in the heart of a hospital; and a film on the women soldiers of Operation Barkhane at the end of 2020.

During the height of the Covid pandemic of 2021 and 2022, Fabien worked as a director with the DOP Gavin Thurston and an international team, filming in 4K Dolby Cinema (Dolby Vision HDR & Dolby Atmos) producing the first wildlife documentary series about Saudi Arabia. The objective of which was to highlight the areas biodiversity and the efforts being made to protect it.

Shuklaphanta, the other wild Nepal : "Best Feature" NY Wildlife Conservation Film Festival WCFF, USA 2017
"Meilleur montage" FIFPAN Festival International de Film et Photo Animaliers et Nature, Mimizan, France 2019
"Art of Soundtrack" International Platinum Awards category 'documentary' IPAMA festival, Jakarta, Indonésie 2015


2022 GAP, brigade spécialisée de lutte contre les violences sexuelles intra-familiales - 52mn France3 region

2022-2023 Wildlife Saudi Arabia - 5x20mn Dolby Cinema 4K HDR

2020 Soldat et femme - Opération Barkhane, 70mn - RMC Story & internation version

2020 Mission Covid, 70mn - Planete+ Aventure & Experience + Planete+ Canada

2020 ERIS, 52mn - RMC Story

2019 Cuisiniers sous les drapeaux, 77mn - RMC Story

2018 Entre deux Mondes, 52mn - UshuaïaTV + Planete+ Canada

2017 Manaslu Nepal, 52mn - UshuaïaTV / Spicee / France 5

8th Wildlife Conservation Film Festival, New-York USA 2018
16th MAFF Matsalu Nature Film Festival, Estonie 2018
29e Festival de l'Oiseau et de la Nature, Abbeville, France 2018
11th Kuala Lumpur Eco Film Festival (KLEFF), Malaysia 2018
Mountain Film Festival, USA 2019

2016 Shuklaphanta Nepal, 52mn - UshuaïaTV / Spicee / France 5 / AlJazeera / Discovery Channel Asia / RTBF
Prix "Best Feature" NY Wildlife Conservation Film Festival WCFF, USA 2017
Prix "Meilleur montage" FIFPAN Festival International de Film et Photo Animaliers et Nature, Mimizan, France 2019
Wolves Independent International Film Festival, Lithuanie 2017
15th MAFF Matsalu Nature Film Festival, Estonie 2017
33ème Festival International du Film Ornithologique Ménigoute, France 2017
21ème FIFALE Film Animalier et de l’Environnement, Maroc 2017
8th Green Fest, Belgrade, Serbie 2017
EKOTOP Film Festival, Tchécoslovaquie 2017
PIMFF Pakistan International Mountain Film Festival 2017

2015 Art of Soundtrack, 52mn - Mediasync
Prix "International Platinum Awards" category 'Short documentary' IPAMA festival film Jakarta 2015, Indonesie
sélectionné au Festival Film&Music d’Albuquerque, 2015
2015 Une Maison, un Artiste, Charles Trenet, 26mn - France 5

2015 Trésors de Mer Mayotte, 52mn - UshuaïaTV / France O

2015 Trésors de Mer - la Réunion, 52mn - UshuaïaTV / France O

2014 L’Âme des Chefs Pâtissiers, 52mn- Stylia / Campagne TV

2013 L’Âme des Chefs : Corse, 52mn - Stylia / Campagne TV

sélection Festival ARTE MARE , Bastia, France 2013

2012 L’Âme des Chefs : Savoie, 52mn - Stylia / Campagne TV / France3 Régions / Montagne TV

2011 L’Âme des Chefs : Saint-Tropez, Corse52mn - Stylia / Campagne TV 

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