Shuklaphanta, the other wild Nepal

wildlife film

AMPERSAND, WAPI Production, UshuaiaTV et SPICEE present a new wildlife documentary of Fabien Lemaire

The Shuklaphanta Reserve is the first national park created in Nepal in 1973. This area is exceptional on many accounts including its diverse landscapes, hundreds of animals species - 22 of which are critically endangered. It may look like a mix of Europe and Africa yet we are truly in the heart of Asia.

The reserve is a small paradise located in the western part of the country. Despite human pressure, it has managed to strive and offer the wildlife a safe haven. However, the fragile cohabitation between man and animal is a daily struggle for associations and park rangers who must raise awareness and educate the people about the advantages of co-existing with Nature.

If the nearby inhabitants’ quality of life improves, the need to plunder the forest will diminish and the kingdom of Shuklaphanta will be able to look forward to a bright future.

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